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The Seychelles International Trusts Act 1994 (“the Act”) contains several important features :

The Seychelles International Trusts Act contains a 2 year legal claim limit period. In addition, a creditor has to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Forced heirship
In terms of the Seychelles law the transfer by a Settlor of property into an International Trust cannot be invalidated by any foreign rule of forced heirship.

Seychelles international trusts can migrate and the terms of an International Trust may also provide for a change in the proper law of the trust. This change is only valid if the new proper law recognises the validity of the trust and the interest of the beneficiaries.

Although a Seychelles International Trust is required to be registered, neither the Trust Deed nor personal particulars of the Settlor or Beneficiaries are filed with the Government Registry

No Seychelles taxation on foreign income is payable by a Seychelles International Trust.

A brief declaration containing the relevant declarations by the licensed resident Trustee is lodged with the Government Registry.

Other formalities
The Seychelles International Trust Act requires that there be a Seychelles resident Trustee, operating under a valid Trustee Services Licence issued by the Seychelles International Business Authority. Non-resident co-trustees/s may also be appointed.