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Product Summary

Zero Taxation
A Seychelles IBC pays no tax in Seychelles. It will also not be liable to pay stamp duty on share transfers.

Privacy and Asset Protection
There are no public registers of Members or Directors in respect of an IBC, and the only documents filed with the Registry are the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Disclosure of company information may only be made by the Registered Agent on presentation of a Court Order issued by the Seychelles Supreme Court.

Nominee Corporate Shareholders and Directors
In order to ensure greater privacy and protection, the use of nominee shareholders and directors is permitted

Reduced Paperwork = Reduced Costs
An IBC is not required to file Accounts and/or Annual Returns in Seychelles which reduces costs and again ensures no publicly available information on the IBC.

IBC Name restrictions
An IBC name may not contain words such as “Bank”, “Trust”, “Building Society”, “Cooperative”, “Insurance” or “Foundation”, as these are licensable activities in Seychelles and most other jurisdictions.

IBC Trading restrictions
A Seychelles IBC cannot carry on business in Seychelles, but may maintain records and a bank account in Seychelles and engage local advisors. An IBC is prohibited from carrying on banking, insurance or reinsurance business, as these are licensable activities.