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Yachts eligible for registration under the Seychelles flag must be wholly owned by:
A Seychelles citizen; or
A Seychelles body corporate, either an International Business Company or a Seychelles Domestic Company

Recognised Classification Societies
The present Classification Societies recognised and authorised by the Seychelles Ship Registrar are as follows:

Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (UK)
Bureau Veritas (France)
Nippon Kaiji Ryokai (Japan)
Det Norske Veritas (Norway)
American Bureau of Shipping (USA)
Germanischer Lloyd (Germany)

Particulars required for the prescribed application with regard to registration under Seychelles flag
A certificate signed by the builder of the ship and containing :
A description of the ship
The estimated tonnage of the ship
The date and place of construction of the ship
The name of the person, if any, on whose account the ship was built
Evidence that the applicant is the owner of the ship.
A list of not less than three alternative names, numbered in order of preference, under which the ship is proposed to be registered.
A declaration of ownership (Form RS02)
Radio licence, which requires to be approved by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, and which is licensed by the Seychelles Licensing Authority.

Where the yacht has been registered under the law of a foreign country, a Certificate of Deletion as evidence that the registration in that country has ceased. It is possible to obtain a Provisional Registration pending receipt of the Deletion Certificate.

Forms that are required for provisional registration of the yacht
Application for Registration of Ship as Seychelles Ship
Declaration of Ownership
Application for a telecoms/radio licence
Application for activation of Maritime Mobile Earth Station

Fees payable to Government
Application for Registration: on request
Radio licence: on request
Annual tonnage fee: on request
Annual radio licence fee: on request

It is recommended that a Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) be used, as there are no annual reporting requirements and confidentiality of directors, shareholders and beneficial owners is guaranteed. This IBC will need to be kept in good standing (ie annual fees paid) in order for the yacht registration to remain valid.